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Palamu (Betla)
Palamu (Betla Forest)- "An undisputed natural gem"140km west of Ranchi

About Betla Forest :

Betla National Park (Earlier known as Palamu Sanctuary) is located in the western part of the Chotanagpur Plateau and is one of the most widely known national parks in the northeastern part of India.This is one of Indias earliest tiger reserves and home to deer, bison, wild elephants, monkeys, peacock and the tiger. The national park sprawls over an area of around 979 sq km, out of which 232 sq km forms the core area. The sanctuary acquired the status of a national park in the year 1989.
This place has a variety of diverse eco-systems and a vast range of vegetation consisting of tropical wet evergreen forests which houses a plenty of wild animals. The rich evergreen sal and teak forest has numerous tree houses, where sitting idle at the balcony watching the deers play around is a pleasure and an experience what you dreamt about a forest.

### The National park remain closed during  July to september , this session is  declared as the breeding period for the animal from the Forest Department of India .

Major things to do in Betla :

•    Elephant safari or guided jeep safari inside the junle  animal sighting is very good  of  Deer ElephantByson Peacock and lots of birds.
    Unobstructed views of animals from watch towers  and  mostly at the time of jungle safari on commando jeep.
    Visiting the ruins of the ancient Betla Fort built in the 16th century by the Chero rulers
    Lodh Falls, Mirchaiya Falls, Kojrum , Marumar,Kusum Bari(original Tree house demolished by the Maoist ) , Sugabandh  and the converging point of River Koel and River Oranga are great picnic spots named Ketki Sangam  the famous Award winning Bengali Flim “ Arannyer DinRatri “ by  oscar winner director Satyajit  Ray has been  shot  around this spot ,  that is not the last  “ Koel Er kache “ well known  bengali  fiction has been scripted over here by  Buddhadeb Guha.. he used stay at the   bungalow now abandand still there   on that spot 

To Reach Betla :

Air : Ranchi, situated around 140 km away, is the nearest airport with regular air connections to Delhi, Kolkata and Patna.

Rail : The nearest important railway station is Daltonganj (25 km away), connected to many places in the region with regular trains. Ranchi and Gaya are also convenient railway stations for the tourists coming from Delhi and Kolkata respectively. Shaktipunj Express from Howrah at  1: 10 pm daily  but reached Daltangang  at  around  2 to 2:30  pm at night ...  But at the time of Return Shaktipunj arrive   Daltangang  at 1: 30 pm aprrox  reached Howrah at 4 : 15 am  in the morning.

Road :Betla is well connected to Daltonganj (25 kms) via Khudiamorh (6km), Ranchi (140 kms), Hazaribagh (190 kms), Netarhat (211 kms), Patna (384 kms), Calcutta (575 kms) etc by regular buses run by the state transport corporation and private companies.

Location :

Betla National Park is located in the Chotanagpur Plateau of the Latehar district of Jharkhand in India . It is situated at 25 km  away from Daltonganj, 70 km. from Latehar and 140 km. from Ranchi.
From Kolkata it is 575 kms and provides an ideal long weekend holiday destination.

Best Season :
The best time to visit Bethla national Park is October to March. During this time the weather is also pleasant and comfortable. Tourists are requested to avoid rainy season between July to September

Staying At Betla :
Forest Guest House  ( only four rooms Ac/Non Ac)  & Tree House ( Two Rooms)  are available with prior booking   solar power & generator back ups( fuel by your own for Generator) inside the forest area .  We  can arrange over there at Forest Guest House .  Other than this J T D C  TOURIST LODGE are an option.Govt Circuit house is also available but only for the VIP .  
If you are a true jungle lover then you can stay at MARUMAR   inside the core area  but only two rooms are available .

The most important things over here is as follows :

 # carry your own ration , Caretaker will be your  Cook ( paid ) & utencils are available  , # no electric ,
Kerocine lamp(Hurricane Lantern ) will be there # generator is available but you have to provide the fuel from your own  ,  # each an every adult in the team must carry the  ID card . # ID card is needed at the time of Booking , he  or she should be present at Marumar  also  ..
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