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with a very good Bengali cuisine ...watching the  waves smashing on the beach from the terrace , sometimes you may feel you can touch them from the terrace itself ...

or... sitting with your friends may be with the nearest one ...getting cozy  at the evening up to the terrace.....  till night long make you feel like heaven ...
all those can be clubbed over here at CHANDPUR ....

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"Chandpur share the same coast line of Tajpur to Digha but the location is new and    completely Virgin  "

About Chandpur :

In Bengali the word "Chand " depicts Moon , sitting idle at the hotel Terrace you feel awesome when the sparkling  sea kisses the endless sky on a silent moonlit starry night on such an  unknown virgin beach  that is all about Chandpur. lets  nurtured the past of chandpur , previously chandpur falls under "Lengua " subdivision later it was renamed as Contai.
Bakim Chandra Chottopadhay
was the subdivisional officer on that region, he used to visit the Chandpur Inspection Bungalow riding by his horse frequently . Now that Bungalow is
is completely engulfed by the sea . I have heard this from an older residents of Chandpur, he pointed out the location where the bungalow used to be spotted earlier, right know the spot is  about 3 km inside from the current coastal line.
The wind is very restless at Chandpur beach and there is only a single hotel  that also carries the the name of the place quite proudly but in English. You can have a glimpse of sea from the window on certain rooms at  the hotel , to have the sea fully open as much as your eyes can then Terrace is the perfect one apart from the beach , just like watching the sea form the galary .
Government as taken a step to save the beach from the sea and planed to make a road on the sea shore that will connect from Tajpur to Digha via Chandpur and Shankarpur and the work is on progress that reflects also on the Chandpur beach.

In & Arround The Chandpur:

Same as Digha , Mandarmani but Tajpur and Shankarpur are the closest one .  A little walk on the sea shore can took to you at Shankarpur, time selection is completely yours whether on twilight or with the slowly rising  sun in the very first morning.

To Reach Chandpur:

The road thats around 7 kms connects Chandpur from Balisaimore just a few kilometers before Ramnagar Bus Stop or Railway staiton on the way to Digha .so the distance is about 165 to 170 km from kolkata.

Nearest Railheads is Ramnagar Station , you can also come down from Digha Railway station but it will be around 25 to 30 kms.

Best Season :
like all other sea side any time but better to avoid  the sun on the summer. if you want to catch the sea as Young & Restless then you must visit on rain.

Staying At Chandpur :

Right now there is only a single newly built hotel very closed to the beach better say on the beach & it is quit good and safe .The food is also good over there to me but it varies from people to people.
If you would like to avoid the crowed and want to listen the sea by you & solely yourselves can give a chance to  Chandpur on a weekend , i think Chandpur will not disappoint you .


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